Scar Solutions

After surgery, patients are concerned about achieving the best possible result by reducing scarring. Silicone sheeting and gel are the standard scar management. With our "bag friendly" product sizes and cosmetics design-orientated packaging, we elevate the retail medicine experience. By making the products universal to almost all surgery incisions, practices can simply carry two products and serve all their diverse practice needs. 


Silicone Gel Scar Roller

Silicone gel is clinically proven to fade and flatten scars and the Massage Roller Pen provides an active massage to the scar site.  This product is convenient and transparent with a viscous formula that can be applied anywhere on the body at any time


Surgery Silicone Sheeting Tape 

Silicone sheeting is clinically shown to improve the appearance of new or old raised or discolored scars. The tape dispensing format of our product was made specifically to provide one universal silicone sheeting product for post-operative surgery scar management. Self-adherent and reusable the sheeting roll offers great value to patients and surgeons alike. 


STAY PUT: Silicone Sheeting Securing System

Our STAY PUT Scar Tabs hold your silicone sheeting in place on your star even under areas on tensions or with active lifestyles. STAY PUT comes in a variety of shapes. 

FADE AWAY: Silicone Roll Holder

The ROLL HOLDER easy to use dispenser allows you to take the Silicone Sheet Roll with you traveling or in your gym bag.